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NUFC statement (Thursday):

"We understand the level of interest in the club's decision to offer Joey Barton a free transfer.

"However, it would not be dignified, nor would it serve any useful purpose at this present time, for either the club or Joey to air their private issues on this matter in public.

"The club and the player have important business to focus on over the coming days and both parties have come to an agreement that we will not comment further at this time."

Alan Pardew:

"I've never closed the door on anyone and I'm not closing the door on Joey. He trained with the development team today and, who knows, he may train with the first-team soon.

"It's a situation I didn't envisage being in. Joey is a great player and you want great players in your team. It's very important as a football club that you are all pulling in the same direction -- at this moment of time where Joey is not pulling in the same direction.

"That's not to say that can't change in a short period of time. I'm still reflecting on the situation, as is Joey at this present time, on how best to resolve this issue. I think that is important at the moment.

"Maybe if it wasn't for Twitter and this instant media it may have got resolved on Monday morning with me and Joey in my office. The problem with Twitter -- we need to get a hold of this - we have got nothing from the Premier League on how to deal with this.

People are tweeting when in an emotional state. Putting something out instantly can be very, very, damaging. Not only to a football club but to any organisation and it could be to the police too, which I've seen on occasion.

"I spoke to Sir Alex Ferguson, and United's policy is that nobody at their club can comment about the football club (via social networks). It's in breach of contract if you are criticising the owner, the masseur, a player, anyone at the football club ... injury news, that causes problems too ".

"I'm not against those sites, and I don't think many managers in the Premier League are, but they have to be careful not to mention the football club."

"We've notified the players this morning- they've probably seen it as another sort of dictatorial moment from us but we've had to issue them legally with a letter to say this is not right, it's a breach of contract and you have to understand you're going to be fined and disciplined for that. It can't happen. Sir Alex shared with me quite ferociously how difficult this Twitter issue is for clubs, particularly managers.

"Joey will dictate what happens because he's got another year on his contract here. Joey will decide. But if he wants to stay then he has to pull in the same direction as us.

"Everybody was very angry this week and there were decisions on both sides that were made with that anger still at the surface but I cannot and will not run a football team where a player isn't pulling for the team. It was evident that whatever happened with Joey's mind affected the team. I can't accept that.

"It hasn't been the most perfect pre-season. I don't think Newcastle United are in chaos but are we having a difficult week? Yes. Do we need to get our fans into a better place? Yes. Does the team need to improve on the pitch? Yes."

"The problem I've got with the group at the moment is that they want to see one or two players coming through the door. I'm making it very, very clear to Derek and Mike that we need one or two boys in this door. Now."

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Sada već bivši igrač Newcastle United-a, Wayne Routledge, potpisao je trogodišnji ugovor, sa novim Premijerligašem, Swansea City. Visina transfera nije objavljena, ali spekuliše se, da je za Routledge-a, Newcastle United inkasirao oko 2 miliona funti.

Routledge je igrao za Crystal Palace, Tottenham, Portsmouth (loan), Fulham (loan), Aston Villa, Cardiff City (loan), QPR, Newcastle, QPR (loan) i sada Swansea City.

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