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Konačno pobeda na gostovanju i to na terenu Villa Park-a, stadiona koji nas je ispratio u drugu ligu maja 2009. godine. Ima li šta slađe?

Poveo je Newcastle United u 19. minutu meča golom Papiss Cisse-a koji je na prelepo proigravanje debitanta Sissoko-a preciznim udarcem sa petnaestak metara protiruo loptu kroz noge golmanu domaćih Guzan-u, što je bilo dovoljno za 0:1. Cisse gol proslavlja moleći se na travi.

Mogla je vila do izjednačenja preko Ex- Mag Charles N'Zogbia-e, koji je prelepim udarcem sa preko trideset metara drmao desnu stativu Krul-ovog gola.

Potez meča videli smo u 31. minutu kada je Yohan Cabaye zakucao loptu u leve rašlje Guzan-a, udarcem sa dvadesetak metara, što je bilo dovoljno za 0:2 i za ludilo na gostujućem sektoru.

Postavljalo se pitanje koliko će golova crno-beli postići na ovoj utakmici....

Međutim, ulazak Agbonlahor-a na početku drugog poluvremena i njegova probojnost po levom boku dali su Aston Villa-i vetar u leđa.

Neoprezan start Debuchy-a nad Agbonlahor-om u svom šesnaestercu i sudija Mike Dean pokazuje na belu tačku. Siguran izvođač sa bele tačke bio je Christian Benteke u 49. minutu utakmice, smanjivši tako rezultat na 1:2.

Ostalo je još 40 minuta da se igra i Newcastle United se opredelio da brani rezultat.

Tim Krul je ponovo činio čuda i branio nemoguće. Coloccini i Steven Taylor su se veoma trudili i nekoliko puta su loptu izbacivali sa gol linije, ali je na kraju Newcastle United ipak pobedio rezultatom 1:2.

Konačan rezultat: 1 : 2

NUFC: Krul, Debuchy, Steven Taylor, Coloccini, Santon, Perch (Sh.Ameobi 69), Cabaye, Gouffran (Anita 74), Sissoko (Yanga-Mbiwa 79), Gutierrez, Cisse.
Subs n/u: Harper, Williamson, Bigirimana, Sa.Ameobi.

AVFC: Guzan, Clark, Vlaar, Baker, Lowton, Westwood, Bannan, N'Zogbia, Bennett (Weimann 46), Benteke, Bent (Agbonlahor 46).
Subs n/u: Given, Ireland, Holman, Bowery, Lichaj.

Sudija: Mike Dean

Gledalaca: 30,334.

photo: dailymail

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Fabricio Coloccini za nufc.co.uk:

"The last few weeks there has been a lot of talk about my future, but I am staying here. And of course I will give 100 per cent like I always do.

"I have been here five years and Newcastle has given me a lot and done a lot for me. I have to be true to the club. I will give 100 per cent.

"I love football and once I am on the pitch it is different. The problems I have are outside the pitch. I think if you look at a game like Norwich or the last few games I have played normally. The results were not the best but I have given everything to try to win.

"I heard in the city and around the club that the fans think I have my head elsewhere thinking about other things, or that I am not the same player as last season.

"But, like I say, for me football is my life, I love it. When I am on the pitch I give everything to win. I give 100 per cent. I did that at Newcastle, Deportivo La Coruna or any club I've played at.

"The fans have to know and be sure that when I am the field I give 100 per cent. I am the captain of the team and I take the responsibility.

"I think everybody has problems outside of their work in life. It is difficult but now I am here and all I have in my head is to make sure we are in the Premier League next year. That is my only objective.

"In the last few days the newspapers picked up a letter that I wrote. The letter is true but the meaning of it is different once translated from Spanish to English.

"I never said that I would go back to San Lorenzo. I never spoke to any team - the only reason to go back to Argentina would have been personal problems.

"But they knew I am a supporter of San Lorenzo and the fans were excited because they thought 'he supports us and this is a big chance to come to San Lorenzo'.

"The rumours were crazy because they thought I was coming back.

"I would like to say to the supporters of Newcastle United Football Club that I want to stay here and I thank them for supporting me.

"The last few weeks has been difficult for them, I recognise that.

"This is my work and my job and I have to separate my job and my life. Everybody in life has problems and it is normal. That is life.

"I am alone here with my family. We don't have grandparents here or uncles and aunties. It does make it difficult. Not for me personally, because I come to work everyday, but for my kids and wife.

"Here though, the Club and the fans are my family at the moment. The love that they give to me with my song and on the pitch for me is fantastic. It's the best present they can give me."

photo: mirror.co.uk

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Posle maratonskih pregovora, Fabricio Coloccini je odlučio da ostane u Newcastle United-u do leta.

Kao što je svima poznato, Coloccini je izrazio želju da se vrati u Argentinu i zaigra za San Lorenzo. Međutim, dužina ugovora sa svrakama ga je sprečila u tome.

Spekulacije su bile da mu je ponuđen raskid ugovora ali da u tom slučau Coloccini plati Newcastle United-u sedam miliona funti. Coloccini je odlučio da ostane do leta a posle, videćemo...

Coloccini se nešto kasnije obratio navijačima San Lorenzo-a pismom preko Twitter-a:

"Dear San Lorenzo fanbase,

I'm writing this letter from far away, missing my country, family and affections,with the sadness that after some struggling meetings with Newcastle my return to Argentina was truncated.

Unfortunately in life, not everything goes as we want or need, many times the incomprehension of others and the stiffness of contracts are even stronger that heart's will.

However I'm trully convinced that this disillusion can't avoid my gratitude to every one of you, thanks for the love and support that you gave to me during these last months, in every possible way.

Also I want to thank the patience and respect of the media to me and my family.

I'm sure that you already know the proportions of the personal issues I'm going through with my family, and that's why I and my agent (Marcelo Lombilla) remained silent. I want to asure this is not a caprice, it responds to the need of preserving private stuff.

I want to thank San lorenzo de Almagro authorities, particullary chairman Mr Matias Lammens and vice-president Marcelo Tinelli, for their emotional support and accompaniment. Since the beginning they internalized and cared about my personal issues, they've placed at my disposal

I wana thank the compromise & the huge effort, from every point of view, to solve any possible difficulties.

On these days when argentine football managements are really questioned, with me being a proudly member of San Lorenzo Family, I want to recognise Mr Tinelli and Mr Lammens for their personal & professional attributes, and the way they are carrying on the club right now. They are true to their word, they work with honesty, reliability and commitment to the club, respecting the human side over any other thing. I'm really proud to watch the way our Club is going to now. It really pleases me.

Sincerely, thank you all for your love".

Fabricio Coloccini & Marcelo Lombilla

photo: metrouk2

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Peto pojačanje Newcastle United-a ove zime je Moussa Sissoko. Sada več bivši vezni igrač Toulouse-a je potpisao ugovor na šest i po godina sa svrakama. Visina transfera iznosi 2 miliona funti.

Moussa Sissoko ima 23 godine i u Newcastle United-u će nositi dres sa brojem 7 na leđima.

photo: dailymail

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Newcastle United je potvrdio da je u svoje redeove angažovao defanzivca Massadio Haidara-u. On je četvrta akvizicija svraka ove zime i doveden je iz Francuske ekipe AS Nancy.

Massadio Haidara ima 20 godina i sa svrakama je potpisao ugovor na pet i po godina. Nosiće dres sa brojem 19 na leđima. Visina transfera kreće se između 2 i 3 miliona funti.

photo: nufc.co.uk

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