Posle maratonskih pregovora, Fabricio Coloccini je odlučio da ostane u Newcastle United-u do leta.

Kao što je svima poznato, Coloccini je izrazio želju da se vrati u Argentinu i zaigra za San Lorenzo. Međutim, dužina ugovora sa svrakama ga je sprečila u tome.

Spekulacije su bile da mu je ponuđen raskid ugovora ali da u tom slučau Coloccini plati Newcastle United-u sedam miliona funti. Coloccini je odlučio da ostane do leta a posle, videćemo...

Coloccini se nešto kasnije obratio navijačima San Lorenzo-a pismom preko Twitter-a:

"Dear San Lorenzo fanbase,

I'm writing this letter from far away, missing my country, family and affections,with the sadness that after some struggling meetings with Newcastle my return to Argentina was truncated.

Unfortunately in life, not everything goes as we want or need, many times the incomprehension of others and the stiffness of contracts are even stronger that heart's will.

However I'm trully convinced that this disillusion can't avoid my gratitude to every one of you, thanks for the love and support that you gave to me during these last months, in every possible way.

Also I want to thank the patience and respect of the media to me and my family.

I'm sure that you already know the proportions of the personal issues I'm going through with my family, and that's why I and my agent (Marcelo Lombilla) remained silent. I want to asure this is not a caprice, it responds to the need of preserving private stuff.

I want to thank San lorenzo de Almagro authorities, particullary chairman Mr Matias Lammens and vice-president Marcelo Tinelli, for their emotional support and accompaniment. Since the beginning they internalized and cared about my personal issues, they've placed at my disposal

I wana thank the compromise & the huge effort, from every point of view, to solve any possible difficulties.

On these days when argentine football managements are really questioned, with me being a proudly member of San Lorenzo Family, I want to recognise Mr Tinelli and Mr Lammens for their personal & professional attributes, and the way they are carrying on the club right now. They are true to their word, they work with honesty, reliability and commitment to the club, respecting the human side over any other thing. I'm really proud to watch the way our Club is going to now. It really pleases me.

Sincerely, thank you all for your love".

Fabricio Coloccini & Marcelo Lombilla

photo: metrouk2