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Newcastle United je preko svog oficijalnog sajta objavio vest da je Japanski napadač Yoshinori Muto potpisao četvorogodišnji ugovor sa Newcastle Unitedom.

Muto koji ima 26 godina, dobio je radnu dozvoli i naredne sezone će igrati za Newcastle United. Njegov bivši klub Mainz će na ime obeštećenja dobiti oko 10 miliona funti.

Muto je prvi Japanac u Newcastle Unitedu.

photo: nufc.co.uk

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 Rafael Benitez:

"Things are not going well off the pitch - I’m worried.

"Fans are concerned - they have to be. We are concerned.

"We’re not doing things well on the pitch or off it. This should be a wake up call for everyone.

"We were poor and we made too many mistakes. We have to wake up - that's it.

"You see the teams that have been promoted, the money they are spending. Put it all together and you understand why the fans need to be concerned.

"We are concerned. Everyone in the dressing room was really upset with our performance and with how things are going, but we will try to change things in the next 10 days.

"Am I optimistic, thinking that in ten days, we can do what we didn’t do in two months? I don’t think so. But, still, I think it’s obvious we need people, we need bodies.

"We have been talking for a while about players. I think it’s the time to act, more than talk.

"I said two months ago what we needed, and 10 days before the start of season we still are where we are.

"There’s four or five players we thought we could bring - but we haven’t.

When asked if he was close to any new signings:

"I have no idea".

About Rondon:

“Yes. Could be fine if we have an agreement but we have to respect West Brom, and what they decide.

"It seems that Dwight Gayle will stay, so that’s what we have at the moment."

What still needs to be done:

“A lot. For me, I said before, three or four players."

The latest on transfers:

"I don’t know. We have been working for months - sometimes we can sign players, sometimes we cannot.

"At the moment, I don’t know."

photo: telegraph