"The story is as I said before we missed some targets at the beginning (of pre-season) and now we are trying to do our best with what’s available.

"I can read our fans saying ‘Listen, now will sign a £25million striker’. We cannot. Sometimes they are not available, but if they are available the price is not £20million, the wages are not the same, and the commission of the agents is huge. I think we will try to do our best in the conditions that we are (in).

"I am not happy. I am not happy with it but at the same time for me, it’s a challenge and I will try to do my best.

"If I decide to stay, it’s for the city, the fans, the stature of the club, to stay in England and in the Premier League. So I want to do my best but obviously every manager wants to improve.

"I’m happy with the players I have. The team spirit is quite good and hopefully we replicate that this season.

Asked to clarify the "if I decide to stay" comment:

"I decided to stay.....because for me it’s a challenge......I’m not totally happy with what we did but I will try to do my best, working very hard with people at the club to try and improve what we have at the moment.

"It’s very difficult (for me to leave). My Chinese is not good enough. No I try to do my best now. It has to be something you cannot control. At the moment I am fully committed to do the best that I can do now.

"Our idea has to be one game at a time. To avoid relegation is a priority and after that to go as high as we can."

photo: themag